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2005-02-17 03:50:34 (UTC)

Nothing Better To Do

Hey! I am so bored right now but I wouldnt be if I would
actually do my work! I have so much to do but I just dont
want to do it! haha! I have a 5 paragraph essay thats due
tomorrow for english, I have a chapter test in spanish
that I really dont want to take, I have a secret swimmer
sign still to make, and I want to make something for
Carrie Hall because tomorrow is her birthday! So much to
do, but so little time! It's 10:37pm and I want to get all
that stuff done for TOMORROW! Jeez! No way that's going to
happen! Anywho! Today was a pretty shitty day! I had
auditions yesterday for the musical! I thought that I did
pretty well, BOY WAS I WRONG! I am like so pissed off! All
I got was a freaking CITY PERSON! Fuck that! I really dont
feel like wasting my time like I did last year for
NOTHING! Its bullshit! I could work my ass off for an
audition and still I wouldnt get SHIT! I dont know! I
might not do it, I think a job would be more important to
me! I mean I am 16 and I still need money for insurance, a
car, a phone, camp?, stuff like that! oh yeah and if I
wanna take those college courses, I prolly have to pay for
that too! Oh well! Um..what else is there! Um...Swimming!
Tomorrow we have a home meet! I am excited cuz I really
want to make it to districts in the breast-stroke but I
have quite a bit of time to drop if I wanna do that! But
Miss Steinmetz has been helping me out a lot with that! So
hopefully it will happen! But I am so excited that I get
to go in a relay! My first time ever going to districts!
IM SO PUMPED! but I am not pumped for like the extra two
weeks of practices! Well i think im gonna head out! Its
10:50 and I am finishing talking to TIGER and then going
to bed! Nite ya'll! Caitlyn