Completely Random
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2005-02-17 03:12:30 (UTC)


Hello there diary!! .. wow has these weeks been flying
by... its like almost time for camp to open.. crazy. We
have a four day weekend im so excited.. im not sure what im
doing yet though.. hopfully sometime fun, i dont feel like
sitting at home on a four day weekend eating and watching
all of the real world shows that ive probabily seen 10
times each atleast... Im just happy my grades are finally
going up.. they were getting pritty low...psh except for
history riiight like thats ever going to go up anyways...
fucking hate that class :^O.... im so happy im single..
being single is the way to be. I hounestly am NOT ready for
a real boyfriend right now, they are to much work... thank
god i broke up with whats his face?... o yeah fucking
asswhole.. that kid was such a fagitt..i for real do not
know what i was thinking.. i dont think i want to ever see
him ever again.. i think he was gay. I dont know tomarow is
the last day of school this week.. i guess stephanie wants
me to go to her friend jill's party shes having over at her
house.. hopfully ill enjoy myself! i need to go tanning it
seems liek if i dont even go for like a few weeks i lose my
tan, its friking gay.. tanning is gay.....ur gay.. o well i
think im going to hit the sack buh bye diary :D


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