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2005-02-17 00:23:29 (UTC)


this survey thing iz either gonna annoy the hell out of ppl...or interest
them when they are bored like i was about ten seconds ago when i read
this in dentis......

x spell your name backwards: lechar--if u say it right it sounds liek
x have you ever had a song written about you: yes sum wird one
about uniforms.....
x what song makes you cry: i dont cry....well not from songs
x what song makes you happy: all music makes me happy...
x what's your all time fav. song?:your so heavy by the beatles
x what do you listen to before you go to sleep:anything journey
x height: 5'5
x hair color: brunette
x piercings: 2......wow thats sad
x tattoos: mabey in the future...dont tell my mom that

 Right Now . . .
x what color pants are you wearing:blue...my brothers pj pants (and
yes they have that hole ; )
x what song are you listening to: buddy holly-weezer
x what taste is in your mouth?: ur moms :D
x whats the weather like?: dark cold and rainy...wow i wish it was
x how are you?:damn good...faked sick today
x get motion sickness?: no...what kind of a questionis that?
x have a bad habit?:biting my nails...thats what polo does to ya
x get along with your parents?: my dad
x boyfriend/girlfriend: yes
x have a current crush: well according to the previous question...duh
x have a big regret: not living life in the moment every single day

Favorite . . .
x tv show: house
x conditioner: who cares?!!?
x book: i cant read
x non alchohol drink: ice cold water on a hot day
x alchohol drink: cant write it here!! jp
x things to do on the weekend: being spontanious....

Have You Ever . . .
x broken the law: yup..but nothign amazing.......yet
x ran away from home: yea...to my backyard
x snuck out of the house: heck yes....
x ever gone skinny dipping: mabey this summer...
x made a prank phone call: about 500 times with elena on my parents
phone in the 3rd grade..
x tipped over a portapotty: yes dont do it its sick
x use your parents credit card: im not an idiot!
x skipped school before: if u count faking sick n stuff?
x fell asleep in the shower/bath: all the time
x been in a school play: i was dori in school house rock in the 6th
grade...i sang a song about a noun...
x had a boyfriend/girlfriend: can you not read???
x had children: im not that much of a slut!! though maury is my
dad...lol britt
x been in love:yes with ur mom
x have a hard time getting over someone: dont we all??
x been hurt?: by what???
x gone out with someone you only knew for 3 days:yes and ive done
worse...i went out with busty after knowing him for one night.......

Random . . .
x have a job: nope, wroking in the summer
x your cd player has what in it right now: not cd player but ipod is
playing weezer
x if you were a crayon, what color would you be?: teal....or id just
make up sumthign crazy liek blagenta...a mix with blue and magenta.....
x what makes you happy?: freinds
x the next CD you're going to buy: not cd..but ive been meaning to
download more eagles stuff

 When/What Was the Last . . .
x you got a real letter: i dotn think ive ever gotten a real letter
x got an email: havent checked inat least a month
x thing you purchased: why wud i no?
x Tv program you watched: freinds
x movie you saw in the theaters: i havent seen a movie since....the
grudge with any casto and megan (wow i know!!)
x kissed: dont think i shud write that here
x hugged:sunday
x song heard: to legit by MC hammer!
x place you were [ besides home ]: elenas
x phonecall: my big bro!!
x you were depressed:not for a while.....yay!!

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