goddess of imaginary light
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2005-02-16 21:33:56 (UTC)

thats what i came here to say

"if i was wrong then im sorry, but dont let it stand in
our way
cause my head just aches when i think of the things that i
shouldnt have done
but life is for living we all know and i dont want to live
it alone" ~ coldplay

i really dont regret what ive done or how i feel...whats
changed in my life in the last month..
there are things i need to change, that i need to focus on
in my is the most important....i dont go as
much as i should and i dont hardly do my work. this time i
cant blame it on anyone but lazy, im bored...i
want out...i know when its all done ill miss what i had
here...the friends i made, the life i lived...but i cant
wait to start my life. some people may think that i only
say that now...but when the time comes ill think
differently...but thats the difference between me and not afraid...i never was....unlike you i can let
change happen, i embrace it...and dont try to hide

im glad im like helps me get over the things i
couldnt change, things i had to lets me be happy,
content...and meet others who want the same things in life
that i want...its helped me all around

i understand we dont talk anymore richard, and im fine
with that now. im tired of trying to make us friends
again, like always i felt like i was the only one putting
in any effort and im sick and tired of that. so thats it,
i give up...i gave up....if you dont bother talking to me,
then i wont try reaching you anymore. i hope you know what
youve friends arent easy to find
and im sorry its happened

"nobody said it was easy, is such a shame for us to part,
nobody said it was easy, no one ever said it would be this
hard" ~coldplay

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