You think you know, but you have no idea
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2005-02-16 16:45:34 (UTC)

raging hormones

this damn website erase my entry, so now i have to write
it again. fuck you. this is going to be the short
version, bitch.

sorry, i've been snappy lately.

i had a heart-to-heart with my boo. i won't, i can't give
him what he wants. not now. not till marriage. i
can't. i felt really bad about not making him happy. i
started crying. i need to get a grip. for real. f-o-r
(space) r-e-a-l!

i have also been missing my grandpa recently. i've been
close to tears about that too.

back to the jacques situation. i called my aunt
yesterday. voicemail. i know what she's going to say. i
think subconsciously, i knew all the time what i was and
what i was not going to do. but i'm not going to get into
that. that would be too deep of a conversation to have on
an online journal.

yeah so, i figured why i have been so snappy/close to
tears/irrate/whatever recently. my period is about to
come. usually (9 times out of ten), my monthly has no
adverse personality effects, but i guess that this is not
one of those times. oh well.

damn hormones.

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