My lil life!
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2005-02-16 16:38:21 (UTC)

Feb16 house bum... Mel's back!

Dear Diary,

Today I was a complete bum… tv tv tv… haven’t gone to the
gym since the weekend and dint go today.. that’s what
happened when i gat nothing to do. Just bum….

Talk to “Mel” we had a thing last year, but I she’s supposed
to be in the states now, i tot she was but shes been here
all this while. I dint wana talk to her home I used to
before cause back then I like her but she choose some psycho
guy over me who tried to kill her and himself. Well now they
broke up but still the fact that she choose someone over me,
I cant the same feelings for her again. she still lke me but
i dont, atleast not in the same way she does. now im being
all green wen i talk to her.

i dunno y, but be wen i took her seriously she dint want
dont now i dont give a fuck and im beign all nasty, she
really wants it! owell.. il do wat i have to do i guess...

Well I asked her really plain if she wants to **** me (which
was rather rude and unlike me, but i dint care) and
suprisingly she said yeah. Its an Irony isnt it!!? i was
been serious with her all those time bout it was a waste of
time. All i had to do was juz ask her the rudest question
form start.... the irony of wemen.. tsk tsk tsk...

Maybe sh’ll drop by tomorrow, who knows?