My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-02-16 13:52:13 (UTC)


Why in the hell have I been having these dreams with Kelly
in them??? nothing dirty or sexual she's just there with
me? And I've had a few about other people too. It's just
weird to me. Speaking of dreams they will be the LAST
things I'll be having seeing that I can't go to sleep just
yet because I have to go to Jackson with my mom and the
girls off 2nd shift to go to this other place for business.
That'll take pretty much a lot of hours. We probably won't
get back until late this afternoon, then Melissa will be
out again today so I will have to run 2nd and 3rd shift,
then finally come home tomorrow at 6am and go to sleep up
until 1pm then I gotta go back in for a 3 hour class on CPR
because for SOME damn reason I gotta be the emergency
responder on 3rd shift. YuCk! I aint stickin my mouth on
any of those peoples mouths!!!! Hate it for yaz!
Like Eminem I wish I could squash all this shit that's
going on with the battles against everyone. Life is too
short and I don't want to lose anyone. I honestly think I'm
asking just too much. But DAMN! Why??? Why all this hate???
All I did was be there! And you know it, so does everyone
else. Well, I guess they gave up on me. There's no more
hope. So I guess all I can do now is give up on them....ok.
Well, I gotta get ready for Jackson. Later..

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