Crazy Girl

Diving Under
2005-02-16 08:35:55 (UTC)


Wow I have not writen in this thing in forever. I was still
in school when I wrote last. Well to fill you in on
something that have happened to me. Uh, I graduated. It was
a long twelve years of school but it is finaly over. YAY!
Aside from that nothing... I am a boring little piece of
crap. I am just trying to deside what exactly it is that I
want to do with my life and I have so many people looking
about me to do what is right. I have moved out of my parents
house and now I am back in. Family dog died. Christmas
completly sucks. I lose our new puppy. GRRRR... and all on
top of that, my cervix is just going to fall out one day
when I am walking down the street. So if you see one it is
probably mine and you might just want to leave it alone so I
can get a doctor to put the damn thing back in... so think
about that when you are trying to sleep...
Have a good day Jen