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2005-02-16 08:34:21 (UTC)

Tiffy's Diary XLII ....Scold me 4 not_thing!!

I am so sad...I don;t really like my parents..they are sometimes scold me for nothing..~especially my
mother~..*sighing*...WhaaWhaa..I can't say anymore ..or I
will be struck by the lightning....I don't know how to
say ...I don't know how to do my maths~ I don;t know how
to do !!what is radius, circumference, diameter, area,
total surface area...I mix up all of them..I think that I
will fail my maths text and exam next U all
should know how poor is my maths~..I always get scolded by
my mum for nothing...I sometimes don't even know why??
Forget about it...I think I that I need to go la~
I still have many news report to do....5 left...What is
this teacher ------------ CK MOUSE~~~~I think I am in a