2005-02-16 05:15:44 (UTC)

What A Busy Day

First of all, I have had a very busy day today. I would
not have gotten up if Thomas Angel, a comrade of mine had
not called me up to give me his change of address in

Thomas is executive director of the NCP and I am the
Director_of_Family_Affairs. We are both
White_Nationalists, and this does not connonate that we
are white supremacists.

White_Nationalists are not racists and we don't believe we
are any better than anyone else. We just fight to White
Living Space, White Education, White Music, White History,
Literature, Art, and culture.

We don't believe in inter-racial dating or marriage or
breeding either for that matter.

I met Honey-Bear at the Chicago Auto Show today. I was
glad to see him but I was glader to get home and off my

Rebecca called me yesterday.

Hope everyone had a nice day.

Proud Member of the NCP