Diary of a Teenage Drama Queen
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2005-02-16 04:55:15 (UTC)

February 15, 2005

Dear C,

So much has happened lately I dont' know how I'll EVER get
it all down.. let's see I left off last Wednesday right
before our Thursday Scholy bowl match.. right..

Well as it turned out we BEAT both our tough competitors
and our record stands, 4/4 !! YEAH!!!! and since we beat
Mattoon (Mrs. Hicks, our choach, hates their coach) we got
Krispy Cream's (donughts) the next day!!!!

We got out of school to leave for Effingham at 2:30.. we
had our snacks on the bus, and I wrote on my latest DQMW
fic and listened to Celine Dion's album, A New Day Has

We beat Mattoon handily (they weren't as good as last year)
but we got the willies when St. Anthony Effingham marched
onto the stage.. We were behind from the very first
question.. now.. scholy bowl five can play at once for a
team.. and they read a toss up and everyone tries to buzz
in and answer the team that gets it gets to work together
to answer the five part bonus question. They write down
their answers and give them to the team captain (can switch
around once every half if we like) and the captain picks
what answers he (or she) thinks are best for that
question.. (that's why captain's job is VERY important!!)

We were behind from the very first.. there's 30 toss ups in
a match.. at about 25 I knew I had to do something or we'd
lose! So the next question was "What stitch is fast and
quick and meant to be later removed" I buzzed in
with "Basting Stitch" and was correct.. but the reulting
bonus was in ALGEBRA!.. (I'm the wiz in spelling and lit
and English. NOT MATH!!) the next toss up they got and we
were tied.. the last bonus would decide who won.. they had
no answers.. we had all of them.. all of a sudden on of the
members tried to pass a paper while the questiosn was being
read (against the rules) and our team now couldn't answer
any of the bonus!!! Luckily we were tied so we had a tie
breaker... first team to get two toss ups.. first.. "What
Author wrote the famed Nancy Drew Mystery Series" NOw I
looove those so I got it "Carolyn Keene" then the other
team got one.. whoever got the next toss up won... no
pressure or anything... "What is the Blarney Stone composed
of" Seth.. my "co-star" player got it! WEEWWW!!! we won!!

Friday the spelling bee was at our school.. and I won..
second year in a row.. now I go onto Regionals.. if I win

enough for tonight.. oh yeah.. boys play for State
Championship in bball tomorrow..
Yours, Beck

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