oh The AGONY!!!
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2005-02-16 04:20:22 (UTC)

the saga of condom mountain

this has gotta be quick since I have to go teach in a couple of minutes.
yesterday I went to return Condom Mountain`s boom box to him. He had
called and asked me to come over the past two days, but finally I was feeling
willing to drive out there. I knock on his door, and he tells me to come in.
He`s in the shower, buck naked with a thin curtain between us. I`m like,
Whoa Man!! I didn`t know you were in the shower!!! here it is! I`m leaving!
I`m leaving!! I get in my car and take off. what a fucker, man!! he keeps
relentlessly pulling shit on me. I`m driving and thinking maybe I`m
overreacting. it just felt like such a skeezy thing to do. I`m at the light
contemplating whether to go home or take a left and head up to lawsons to
buy a coffee and give him some time to get dressed. I decide it is the more
admirable thing to do, and besides, I don`t have much going on that night
anyways. I grab my coffee and go back. He answers the door and is clearly
pissed. how could I just run off like that? is the sight of his naked body truly
that revolting? he said he had thought of all sorts of things to say to me on
the phone, and I asked him to say some of them but he said it was really
besides the point by now. I just feel like this friendship is going to take some
effort and so far all he`s contributed is some really shitty blunders. but I`m
not even interpretting them as mistakes. I`m not here for his titillation. I`m
sick of being the source of his giddy thrills. I realize now that dating him was
a big mistake. BIG mistake. but you never really know a person unitl later.
until you finally know them to know that they shouldn`t be touched. He just
seemed so wonderful in the begining. He was caring and observant. i know
he`s fucking observant so why can`t he see how badly he`s pissing me off!
I`m not so hard up for friends that i`ll put up with much more of this
bullshit. I think I have to sit down and figure out if it`s really worth all this
trouble. My gut is telling me no. It was screaming no at dinner last night.
well, gotta run.