one lonely chick
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2005-02-16 02:42:29 (UTC)

Same Shit...Defferent Day

Dear Diary,
Today was just like any other day...I woke up...went to
school(which was shitty cause I had to listen to people
call me names like every other day)...came home and ate a
bunch of food(even though I am already a fat pig)and came
over to my aunt's house to watch this little brat!!! It
is ok though cause I am getting payed big bucks for it...


I have this HUGE crush on this guy named C.J.(my band
teacher's son)but he has a girlfriend and they have been
together for like 16 months!!! He is always flirting with
me but I don't think he likes me like that...I only
wish...I have not had a REAL boyfriend in forever...No one
wants to go out with me cause I am so over weight...I hate
it...I have tried to go on a diet...but I never can get
through it...but now,I a gonna try SUPER hard...
Well I am gonna go to bed to you tomorrow,

Love Always,
All Alone

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