Autum's Leaves
2005-02-16 02:27:15 (UTC)

Multi-tasking my ass off.

Jesus Christ, today has been a day.

"I'm good at three things, arguing, screwing and drama."

Argued my ass off with some guy about hunting. He said
humans needed to kill animals, because without our
intervention, they'd all die anyway, from disease or
famine. I told him he should test his theory on humans
since they were overpopulating themselves to extinction,
disease and famine are both rampant, etc. Then I got into
an abortion argument with some other guy, who called
himself an "overweight football player." He candidly asked
me, if my mother aborted me wouldn't I feel "cheated?" I
said I really probably wouldn't have cared, since after
all, I wouldn't know anything since I wouldn't have been
born...*heaves a sigh* I was bombarded with asinine, moot
points and I finally just had to call it a night with the
arguing. Ignorant people hurt my brain.

So, my REALLY smart(ass) intelligent friend just got a
full ride to Wake Forest, $140,000. Crazy. I congratulated
him and called him a son of a bitch, but I'm so happy for
him. He's gonna love it.

So, I'm accepting ASU, and everyone hope this
scholarship thing works out for me. It might be $2,000 a
year and I
would be eternally grateful.

Anyways, did a LOT of homework today, got some stuff
early, which is always good. Cleaned out my car, which was
GREAT, because the old girl needed it.

Oh, anyone who wants pics of me, or at least wants to
know what I look like, just ask.


I need tea.