2005-02-16 02:21:45 (UTC)

Sexy is being me!!!!* was an interesting day!!!!I found out that
my computer (brand freaking new) had spyware on it(thats a
virus) So my mom had to get on an download SpyBot to get
rid of the virus...whoppy doo!!!I had to get a new AIM
name...its ejhockeystx5 for anybody that wants to holla at
me ill gladly talk to anybody!lol.School freaking
sucked...Spanish class was boring..I had to play a stupid
game on 70 different vocab words which totally
SUCKED,Science class was interesting..except I dont really
remember it,AG was okay,Pro Growth was a shit load of
fun,Math class was fun..i threw paper at Thane all
period,Lunch was the best part all day cause it involves
FOOD!!!!,English class...well I didnt have english today
because my teacher was giving 7th or 8th graders their
PSSA's today so I had a study hall was
cool,then I went to civics took a test (failed it)slept
the rest of the class period an last period I went to
band...BOOOORRRIIINNNGGG!!!!Then I rode the bus home an
did absolutley NOTHING....yepper.

Im sitting around waiting for my boyfriend Ethan to
call..he had a basketball game I wonder if he wont..hmmm..

I guess I gotta go..buhbye!