for all the gurls who think I am a jerk
2005-02-16 01:44:04 (UTC)

Her in my mind

ahh well i guess you are wondering what is up with me and
this gurl.well i havent got much farther but yes she is a
beautifull gurl.
shes one of those people who is so insanely perfect(in a
good way) that knowing the person is almost frightning
because they are almost angelic. she is one of the nicer
ppl i know. she cares about you even if she dosent know
you and she dosent judge untill you become really good
friends. when she first met me i wanted to know what she
thought of me so i asked and her reponse was "I dont know
you very well so i cant tell you"

such a nice person i would hate to see her et hurt by
anyone so if it is within my power i will defend her honor.
srry i am not feeling so poetic today so like i cant write
anything srry.

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