slave jess

Journal of Joels slave
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2005-02-16 11:18:57 (UTC)

subdiary 15-02-05

good morning my Master,
i am so happy today as Wwe had Oour scheduled meeting
online last night. as compensation for staying out all
night Yyou made me tie myself in ropes making sure that
they pulled tightly over my pussy so if i moved it brought
my discomfort Sir. i had to kneel before my computer and
watch You workout. as i watched Your body move i felt
myself growing wetter and wetter to the point that my
moisture was making my inner thighs damp. thank You Sir.
while we continued to talk and i watch You get naked and
handle Yourself i wanted it to be my hand on Your member
and then to see Your precious nectar being wasted tears
came to my eyes as i wanted to taste Your saltiness, to
feel the smooth warm flow as it runs down my throat. oh Sir
i was so hungry and my body was trembling waiting for some
relief until You gave me permission to cum Sir. thank You
our further chat about Your valentines day with Your girl
made me so sad Sir. i know i must accept what ever feel i
deserve but to not hear from You except for You to leave a
short order to me about this diary broke me. to be
acknowledged is all i wished for Sir. but i am not to wish
for anything as You know what is best Sir. thank You Sir.
i did not sleep well Sir knowing that i made You feel
guilty about this Sir. You have told me as a reward for
being good, and You have told me i have been exceptionally
good lately, that You would show me You & Your girl live
Sir, but You punished me by telling me You did a live show
for web viewers on Valentines Night. Please Sir what have i
done? i have always accepted Your punishments i deserve
without question. i love You Sir
*slut* {MR}

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