*the lost soul*

The book to my heart
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2005-02-15 21:26:20 (UTC)

poem-u dnt no

these are my confessions
of what i did and what i'll do
listen to what i have to say
someday it just might effect you

first i'll seem real cool
and talk to you every night
i'll cheer you up when you are sad
i'll calm you down when you're in a fight

i'll be there to ease your troubles
make it seem like it won't end
eventually you'll feel so great
and want to be more than friends

and then that may just happen
you'll be so happy when i'm around
when there's a day you don't talk to me
your heart will drag on the ground

i'm like an addicting drug
and you just can't help yourself
you know you are addicted
you can't keep me on that shelf

i'll drop you like a bad habit
i'll find a way to manipulate you
i'll make you feel so bad
just to justify what i do

but nobody really knows
what i do when you are high
nobody really knows
that i always say good bye

*the lost soul*

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