Alana Kari

Just Me...
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2005-02-15 21:11:50 (UTC)

Report Card!

I got my report card today... I'm doing better than ever!
I'm really proud of myself, I hope my dads happy too. It
seems like no matter how hard I try at everything he
doesn't care... he's never happy. It seems like I do
everything around here... I keep the house clean... I'm
getting good grades...I'm not skipping school... I'm not
getting in trouble... I don't even have a boyfriend!
What more could he ask for? I never even go out...
ok well maybe like once a year but cummon... I'm 17 I
deserve a little respect... I deserve to have time to hang
out with my friends. He works 12 hour shifts ALL the
time... and what do i do? I sit at home... alone. Sounds
great eh? ahh grrrr. Why do I bother... I have nothing to
look forward to. :( -Kari

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