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2005-02-15 20:32:31 (UTC)


today was crap to beging with i though just a few words
with him would make it better. i came in and was really
sad i waved hi but little did i know he was taken by
another. i went up to latin did a little of my work came
down to put a few things in my locker i saw him with
another girl and they were hold hands yes i was jelous but
i got over it i told a few of my girlfriends that he had a
girlfriend and told how i hate all men. well i saw him
later that day and he told me he heard i was jelous and
that he was sorry i told him i was not jelous just a
little mad at all men and that was all. he gave me this
look of yeah right. to think it was weird to begin with
and now it is really worst than i could ever imagined.