Darkness, Shadow....Hope
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2005-02-15 19:30:31 (UTC)

Class Again


I'm in class right now (co-op) and i'm so bored I could
die. I've done all the work we were supposed too so now I
sit and do fuck all for like 2 weeks. It is so boring. The
bell for break just rang so I went and got a Pepsi. I am in
this class all afternoon doing nothing. I am going for
supper with my Aunt tonight and having cake with my mom and
grandma. It will be fun I guess. The only good things about
being 18 are: Bingo, rated R movies, porno, bingo tickets,
and the love bug. lol. Well those are the only ones I can
think of right now anyways. Nobody I talk to is even here
today. The best thing about being 18 though is writing your
own notes for being sick from school. It's fun :p .

Well hopefully I can hang out with Jon tonight if there is
any time left after all that crap I have to do. Well even
if I don't get to see him I will probably talk to him on
the phone. Everyone is all crazy about semi-formal. Hehe
i'm not even going and I don't even care about it this year.

Well I can't really think about much else to write so I
will check in later. I have to play Mahjongg now for the
next hour to keep busy.

~ *~HanNd|zZle~ *~