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2005-02-15 19:14:41 (UTC)

2nd entry

So sorry that i waited till now to write my 2nd entry.
keke... Think i better put in more effort in this.

Anyway, a lot has happened these few days. The worst thing
was that i had diarrhea for 5days. I can tell you that it
sucks big time, especially when nows the Chinese New Year.
Missed out on all the goodies. Sob sob... But the best
thing i got out of it was when i saw how my darling cared
for me. She took great care of me these few days.
(Dardar,If you're reading this. Thank you!!!!)

I spent a bomb on shopping for my new year clothes. After
some mental calculation, guess the figure is about S$800/-
Wow!!! thats the most i've spent all these years. Better
watch my finance before i go bankrupt.

The Angpow money is really getting pathetic nowadays. From
$300 before, now only less then $150. Better not complain
cos in a few years, instead of recieving, I'll be the one
giving out Angpows le. Oh No!!!!! BROKE!!!!!!

I went to the zoo the other day with my dardar. Guess
when??? It was on Valentine's day!!!! Yes!!! 14th Feb!!!
It has been quite some time since i last visited a zoo.
Think more than 10years le. Really very memorable. I slept
for only 90mins the night before, so was really very tough
trying to get out of bed that morning. But a promise is a
promise. Better late than never, Right? Went to my dar's
house to cook breakfast for her before proceeding to the
zoo. V-day mah, so must treat her like a queen. By the time
we went in, it was nearly noon time. Went to see all the
animals. From the sealions to the actual lions themselves.
Went to see the sealions perform too. Think that silly girl
enjoyed herself very much. By the end of it all, we were so
so tired and hungry. Actually intended to go to the night
safari after that, but was too tired already.

Its been a long time since i spent V-day with someone. All
these years, I've always been single. So it really meant
alot to me. Took alot of photos too. Think i gonna look
like a clown in the pictures. But the thing is that after
10-20years, i guarantee that it will put a smile on my face
when i see them. I'll never forget what happened. These
were one of the best days of my life.

Took my dardar to the chinese sinsei today. Found out that
she has more then a wrist injury. By the end of it, she
looked like she just walked out of the hospital after an
accident. Haha!!!! So cute!!! I myself wanted to let the
sinsei see to my injuries too, but he said that my was
quite major, so i better wait till i need not work the next
day before seeing him. Think i gonna arrange for next week
cos my dardar needs to go see him again.

Wah!!!! Its 3am le!!! Better go sleep man. Have a
appointment with my client later in the afternoon. So got
to end my entry here. Nite!!!!!!! Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....

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