to all thats listening
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2005-02-15 19:09:22 (UTC)

After Valentines Day

Valentines Day with Greg was the best day ever.. we hung
out with each other all day long.. i love being with him
and spening time with him.. he makes me really happy.. man
o man he bought me great things.. but really he didnt need
to buy me anything hes all ill ever need... thats why i
dont want him to buy me anything.. but hey if it makes him
happy let him to it i guess..but i love him .. well later
on we went and got something to eat and the cook kept
looking at me i was getting annoyed so i told greg to
switch me sides and of course he did.. but we still had
time before our 7:50 movie.. well Hitch turned out to be a
great GREAT movie i loved it and i know he did.. but the
ppl sitting sect to me wouldnt just stop making out it was
starting to piss me off.. i just wanted to say something
to them but i didnt..then we went home.. and we sat in my
driveway for a while .. i hate saying goodbye.. but i love
the goodbys ;) love you greg ... well thats all i have for
u today for now.. later