Elizabeth M.
2005-02-15 19:05:31 (UTC)

I know about you and Karen

It's been brought to my attention that Karen and Mark are
back together. It's funny because He never told me that we
were over. I really don't care anymore and that is even
funnier. I guess when you have had it w/ all of the games
and bullshit you just get tried and not even care anymore
and I am at this point. I have done all I could do to keep
him and I guess it wasn't good enough. So he rather be w/
someone who will break his heart/cheat on him and treat him
like shit, oh well, if that is what he wants. He'll have
his heart broken again and this time his family will not be
there for him. I knew something was going on, I told him
that I knew him like that back of my hand and yet I was
right again.
I had a good night last night. My sis and amanda and I all
went out for a ride and got fucked up!! We ran into Walt
and he got a Valentines balloon for me, I thought it was
sweet of him, even though i lost it in the wind, I also got
some candy and I stuff animal dog, sooooooo soft. All and
all I had a good night.
I also went to the AACC for classes and I will start
summer classes fulltime and work fulltime. Yeah I have alot
on my plate, but I think that I am able to do it if I put
my mind to it. It's going to be stressful but It will pay
off in the end when I'll be making $48-$60 an hour and then
I can buy my own house. Man I feel great!!!!! I am so
excited about school and etc.

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