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2005-02-15 17:04:23 (UTC)


I love this song! Greenday better play it when i see them in
mylton keynes!
I'm fine today, although it has been a bit boring at school
and stuff! There is a Rock Prom or something on tonight in
the arts center, but parents won't let me go to it!
something to do with a new rule of theirs saying that i
can't go out after school into town! thats so stupid! i'm
going out whenever the fuck i want in the holidays, and
there is nothing they can do about it!
Oh it was valentines day yesturday! it was really sweet! i
went into town after school, i met emily on the bus who was
off to see her boyfriend who in the end stood her up! what a
bastard! although i don't see emily a lot anymore, i still
care about her, and i am still very protective about her!
Mark better not mess her about!
Anyways, i went to IGIGI where dani, rich, libbi and iain
were, coz iain was gettin a tattoo done! it looked really
cool while he was laying there, but now he's got a huge
fucking bandage over it! lol oh well...
Yeah, and when i got there richard dissappeared into the
other room for a bit, and when he came back he had this big
red card for me! lol it was well sweet!
it said something like "to the love of my life, James" in
it... it was lovely! lol
we were supposed to be going to the cinema, but richards dad
didn't get the tickets, so he gave me some money, and send
me back to his house on the bus, while he biked all the way!
lol i got there ages before he did, and spent about 1/2 an
hour chatting to his mum about loads of stuff! lol she's
very nice! then richard arrived, and his mum cooked us a
really nice curry for dinner! lol
then we watched tv for a bit! (holiday programs) lol and
richards parents offered to give me a lift home! lol they're
nice like that! i ask if they can drop me in town or
something so i can get the bus home, and they're like, no,
we'll drop you back home! lol they've done it two nights in
a row now which is sweet! if only my parents were like that
about richard! but NO!!! they have to hate him! they
wouldn't even give me a lift up to his house on sunday coz i
wanted to go and see him! i had to get the bus to
colchester, then get a bus from the other end of colchester
to richards house, and i had no idea which stop to get off
at etc! lol i guessed, but ended up in the right place!
oh well... life is good, atm in one way, but crap in another
i also just got a txt from libbi asking me if me and rich
have broken up, coz apparently he's told dani and rob that
we have... but i doubt that, and even if he has, it was
probably only for a joke or something...

oh well, dinners ready! tlk 2 u later xxx

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