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2005-02-15 14:15:21 (UTC)

Let me be your hero....

Funny. I had nothing to write about this morning, until I
read the paper, especially the coloumn on the NHL lockout.
And it got me thinking...the reason why this is happening
is because of money. OBVIOUSLY. But why? I think players
are getting paid too much; WAY too much. But the thing is,
its not just hockey players...any other sport is the same
way. Baseball is freaking ridiculous, with whats-his-name
signing a $52 million 3 or 4 year contract with whats-the-
team. I don't know baseball, but all I do know is that the
players get paid too much to do too little. (It is
estimated that players actually physically play a total of
7 minutes during a baseball game....)

But why are they paid so much? Because of the fans. Simple.
They are skilled, and talented, yes, but it is because of
the fans that they are being paid their ridiculous salaries
to work at most 1 hour every two nights. I remember
watching an interview with Tie Domi's agent, and he said
that Domi should be paid a lot more because he brings in
the fans. He skates around, contributes nothing to the
team, fights and acts like a big shot, and should get paid
more for doing this. WHY? Because of the fans.

Look at LaCrosse. The Toronto Rock, what is their team
salary? Probably no where near a third of the Toronto Maple
Leafs. Why? Well, they aren't as popular as the Leafs. The
sport is great, I love watching them both, but the Leafs
are more popular due to their game.

So why do we idolize these men, because, after all, they
are just like you and me...right? They are just able to do
something a little better than us...well, most of them.
When I watch a game, I watch the game, not the players. If
I see an NHL player in person, I won't run up to them or
anything, maybe a hand shake...IF that. I remember a few
years ago I was with a friend in an ice cream shop line up,
and behind us a few people back was Steve Thomas of the Red
Wings...my favorite team. (Favorite because of their
playing style..not because of players). My friend got
excited, and I just looked over, saw him, he saw me, and
that was that...got my ice cream and left. I didn't need
his autograph, or to tell him he is an amazing
player..because he was with his family. no one wants to be
bothered like that when they are with their family, right.

The same goes with entertainment as well. Movie and tv and
music stars, they are people, thats it. Why idolize them?
Sure, they are great at what they do, and it is
entertaining for us as spectators, but is their really a
need to jump up and down when that "Hollywood Star" walks
past you? They may be attractive, they may be good
looking...but is that really them, or their image?

Are they really idols? (NO, not Billy Idol...:P ) Do they
do anything for you, other than provide simple
entertainment (for a few hours at most)? I think not.

I hear young kids today saying that Wayne Gretzky is my
hero, or Shania Twain is my hero, and I laugh. Your hero
doesn't know you exist, let alone who you are, and you are
so willingly to follow them blindly to some hopeful ending
that you'll meet them...but then what? I know they are
young, but some of them never grow out of it.

I'm not saying its bad, its just, sometimes there are other
influencing people in your life that inspire you...and you
don't even realize it. I usually do, because I do not
idolize the images of Pop stars and the like. I have two
posters in my room...an old Star Trek TNG poster of the
ship, and one of Homer Simpson...both gifts...and a picture
of two Red Wings players autographed...also a gift.

I wouldn't have bought these myself, because, well, i
really don't need them. They just make my room complete
with things hanging on the wall. But, the pictures I do
put up are different. Friends, family, those who are close
to me. All inspiration. All reasons to be happy, to live
life. To have fun.

I enjoy taking pictures, for those of you who've been with
me and a camrea, you already know this. I was even
thinking of taking it up as a hobby...and I think I might.

I idolize those that make me want to be better. The
influence me, and inspire me, to be who I am. They don't
want an image, they want me. Sometimes I portray an image,
even though I don't want to. Sometimes its forced, most of
the times its subconscious. But why? I don't know...maybe
to return the favour, and be an inspiration to others?

It is my friends I want to be with. My family that I enjoy
having around. And those who are closer than friends,
those who I have a 'connection' with, its them who I
charish. After all, without those close to us, who are we?

I guess this is a thank you. To all my idols, inspirations,
and, well, heros (and heroeses). Without you, who knows
where I would be today...or even who I'd be.

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