The Adventures of Spiffy Space Guy
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2005-02-15 13:22:31 (UTC)

The life of me!

I like chocolate and eating chocolate. I like the second
part better. Any way, I was in the middle of my mid after
noon's slob when I started thinking about life in general.
Mainly about me and how good it is to be a space guy. I
was like hey life is alright if you are me, cos you get to
fly space ships and eat chocolate any time I want. I was
getting really involved in the thinking thing that my head
started to hurt. But for some reason I don’t think it was
from me thinking, I mean there wasn’t really much thought
into what I came up with. It was more of the fact that I
was standing upside down on my head. The reason I was
standing on my
head was the result of a combination of crazy events:
1- I was having this really cool dream about flying my
space ship and I went to do a barrel roll and then,
2- Bang, I was on my head and I couldn't see any thing and
I couldn't move.
3- So I started thinking about life, when it hit me.
4- I couldn't see any thing or move cos my head was stuck
in the floor boards which happened to be mouldy just at
edge of the bed. Don’t ask why it is too embarrassing to
tell you. Fine I wet the bed. I was like well that
explains the smell.
I was stuck like that for 4 hours until the floor boards
finally gave way and I fell straight throw the floor and
landed on top of my kitchen table, which snapped in half.
It was the most painful thing that has ever happened to me
ever, not really but we can pretend, cos I’m fair sure
it was more painful when I was born. You should see the
pictures of me it is the funniest shit. I have the fucking
funniest facials you could ever see. I was like a frog
has just realized it has just been selected to be on the
menu at a fancy, yet expensive French restaurant.
Any way as you have just wasted about five min of your
time reading this you should probably get back to work!