The end has no end
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2005-02-15 12:44:46 (UTC)

going public

since i'm making this a public one after one entry (yes ladies and gents, ONE
entry, what a heavyweight) i've decided that any luckless traveller may like to
know just what the hell i'm jabbering on about

I'm currently a sixteen year old girl, i go to a single sex stupid catholic school
down the road, i have red hair green eyes etc... i'll stop at this crap before it
begins to sound like a personals ad..
mother- eccentric english teacher at my school/mad artist. actually is my
father- eccentric property owner/entrepreneur/mad scientist. also my
biological parent.
stepfather-ceo of collecting society for music. i have lived with him an my
mum and sometimes his two sons for about ten years. i see dad on
weekends/go stay with him
tim-my step brother, younger than me by 9 months. very popular with the
stuart-my other step brotyher, 2.5 years my senior. does very well at school/
university. just discovering a social life at 19
ruby-my partner in crime at school. not excactly a best frined but we spend a
lot of time together. we were both brought up the the same area, very
unusual as most inhabitants are rich homosexuals and psuedobohemian
zoe- sort of my best friend. very different from ruby (some dramatic conflict
there). shes also a redhead. we spend most of our time marvelling at how
insane the rest of the world is. although we go to school together, we hardly
see eachother there - different classes
amy-absent childhood best friend. love her to bits, dont see her often

thats about it everyone else i'll formally introduce

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