Justin Flames

month of February
2005-02-15 12:43:16 (UTC)

Defining moments

what do you do
when you've been wandering all this time
know that this wayfaering is through
that day has come

you don't know everything
but you know something
at least a little of what needs to be done
just don't wanna do it
don't want to go through with it
because this is just easier
just continue to feel the pain

I know what has to be done
but this feeling just doesn't want to stay
it will leave, like that fleeting imagination..
that I had a family, and felt loved

I have my friends
this is my own project
has to be done alone
even if my phone is now illegal
as well as my car

sitting here waiting for someone
or something
won't change what's wrong
but I don't want to do it
or feel like this

If I wait for reality to give me a kick
I may not survive
or lose a lot of my life
because I decided to sit
instead of stand

maybe I do need support
strong friends
and friends with my dreams
or their dreams that won't quit
a family that believes in themselves

and maybe I just need to make that first step