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2005-02-15 12:11:14 (UTC)

Feel sick

feel sick today. slept at ma nans last night cus mom n dad
went to this hotel in church stretton for a 'romantic' be honest i think they were plannin another
attack on me so they can blame some more shit on
gonna do the deed sometime this week. im gonna leave the
letter to my mother somehwere they will find it and then
ill dissapear for a few days. its their own fault if i
dont come back or they decide not to let me see my
boyfriend cos if they dont then their gonna be organisin a
funeral cus i dnt wna keep lyin for another 2 yrs an seein
him behind their back cos it bullshit.i should be allowed
to b with him.anyway il see how this day goes.
tlk t ya soon.