2005-02-15 05:01:27 (UTC)

Happy Saint Valentine's Day To Everyone

I am back and I have so many different Diaries, journals,
and weblogs and blogs that I can not keep up with them.

First of all, I cancelled out my Sprint PCS account for
the telephone number which I had been helping this person
I thought was my friend. She lied to me about helping pay
the Sprint Bill.

Two months in a row she lied about sending me the money.
She ran up a really big Cell phone and left me to pay it.
She could not just come out and say she would help me pay
it a little at a time.
So today the contract was cancelled all together.

I will never ever help anyone out again with a cell phone.

I talked to Rebecca and Honey-Bear. We are going to go to
the Chicago Auto Show tomorrow.

Anyway, it is 11 PM and I have to get some shut eye.

So Everyone have a good day tomorrow.

American Irish Rose