Vee's Feelings
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2005-02-15 02:07:32 (UTC)

2/14/05 Valentine's Day

I really am pissed.Why b/c my mom wants to get mad at me
because I asked her what was in a dillard's bag. Talkin
bout some why u didn't get me nothin' 4 v-day its none of
your bussiness and s**t like dat. She really didn't
deserve nothing anyway how she been critizing me and
killing all my dreams and goals telling me u cant to it
and u wont make it. She says she aint trying to crush my
goals an dreams. Then always telling me its better to give
than recieve but she get mad when she dont recieve snd
take it out on everyone around her. And a specificly asjed
her for a cell phone and she turns around and buys my
sister 1. I was so madd!!!!!!!!!!!!Ohh they make me so
damn mad. She threatens me to the point where i wanted to
kill myself just b/c of her so called"philosophy" then
calls me dumb since i started 6th grade eventhough i
mantain a steady 3.6 and i am in beta. You 2 dumb to be in
beta but she never beleived in me or had faith in me. But
its all cool though she gon get hers one day. Cuz its 2
faced tramps like her who dont need to be in this world

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