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2005-02-15 01:51:04 (UTC)

Continuation of the Past.

Just returned after a grusome day at practice. I wish I
could just take a shower and head for bed, but of course
not, I have homework to attend to.

So today was Valentine's Day, and it wasn't half bad. I
received a lot of hugs and chocolate, it was great. There
were some people who went completely overboard with this
holiday, and I just laughed at their stupidity. Seriously,
if someone really cared for another person, they wouldn't
wait until Valentine's to give them a big ol' gift. The
only, and sole reason they did that is to receive
attention, and they did, stupid ones. That's my opinion
any way, if others don't agree with me, they can shove
their words up their asses.

As I stopped momentarily at the red light, I cranked up
the volumn of my music in my car this afternoon. While I
was doing that a car stopped next to me. The driver took a
look at me at gave me a wink, it was pretty awesome. He
was cute too. I don't think he's from Paso, but anyhow, it
was a nice wink.

Well, back to my Nickleback CD and my Calculus homework.
Of course, let's end with a song.
"Buddy showed me just how fast a car can go
I'll race you for your pink slip right before this show
Put your girlfriend in the bet to make things good
Cause she's been staring at me like no girlfriend should
Bastards sitting right there on the starting line
Stuck the sugar in your gas tank by myself last night
Oh, no, gotta learn this some day
Why, I, gotta learn the hard way" - Learn the Hard Way

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