2005-02-15 01:45:29 (UTC)


and guys think girls are complicated... seriously, i
think guys overcomplicate things themselves. the thing i
hate the most are double standards. my boyfriend dave
calls me "ms. sensitive", but he's been the touchy, bitchy
one lately. i mean, come on... does he have to be that
mad that i called him psycho? he was acting it, after
all. yeah, i know he had a bad day, or a bad week, or
whatever, but "psycho"? we talked about this before - if
he's ever in a bad mood and happens to lash out at me, i
wouldn't stand for it, but i'd forgive him. i would
realize he's in a bad mood, but that wouldn't make it okay
for him to do that and not apologize for it later. i
don't want the brunt of his anger. besides, if he didn't
want to talk to me, why did he even call in the first
place? he asked if it was too much for me to just have
said that "i know [he's] in a bad mood, and hope [he] feel
[s] better". it's not every day that he goes off like he
did yesterday, so i couldn't help thinking, "wow, this
guy's psycho today". but it really offended him. he says
it made him feel worse because i wasn't being sensitive of
his feelings. as if he's sensitive of mine! then he says
i ask too much of him and that he doesn't know what to do -
that if he doesn't call i'll think he's ignoring me and
wants to break up, but if he does call and is in a bad
mood i'll think he's taking his anger out on me. and, i
added, when he does call, i sometimes feel like he's only
calling out of obligation. so he's like, "what do you
want from me, woman?!" it's starting to make me more
frustrated going over what we talked about, but i guess
we're okay. we ended up laughing and arguing over
who's more psycho. he says i can't call him psycho, but
that he can call me psycho because that's what i really
am. i think he's just as psycho as me. he admits to
being psycho but thinks i'm more psycho than him. and
adds that i make him psycho. but i think he was psycho
before he met me almost a year ago. my friends think dave
and i are both psycho. but they were amused because they
say dave and i sound like a married couple. i told them
to shut up. i admit that we probably did fight for
nothing these past couple days. but i still wanna prove
that i'm the less psycho of the two of us. hmmm... i just
realized the date's off on this mydiary thingy. oh,
well. happy v-day! and to all those people who might get
mad at me for "making them more aware of their single
status", trust me when i say that my favorite part of
valentine's day is that it's only one day away from the
50% off candy sales.