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2005-02-15 01:20:43 (UTC)

Dreamland... I'm Fu'd Up...

Hey, I figured... I don't know what to write in here, and
I had a really crazy dream last night so I'll tell you
about it. Kay? Here goes...

I was hanging out with my best friend Danyell for
the night at her & her mom's new apartment. (Which is
weird because Danyell lives in BC and I really only see
her in the summer) Then her and I went over to my brother
(tyler)'s house but he wasn't home so we just sat on his
couch, and Danyell started looking in the couch for a
special pin thing of hers that she lost. I remember it was
made of silver & ivory and it had a feather carved into
it. She said she HAD to find it cuz it was her moms and it
was special cuz it had some kind of Native significance
(and they're native)
Anyways... we didn't find it, and Danyell had
to go home. Then Tyler came home and I hung out with him
for a while, and he gave me a brand new dryer. (like a
laundry dryer) and I'm not sure why, but I was really
excited about it!!! lol... Then Tyler told me that he was
taking me and my law class on a field trip to the Sarnia
courthouse. So we got everyone together and left. But
before we got there, we stopped to work at Walmart. (yeah
I know what ur thinking... WTF? Walmart?)
When we went in, my classmates and I got split
into groups to go to work in different departments. "I"
got to go to the housewear department!!! (yay... housewear
(N)) So I got there and I had to put away all the mugs and
glasses, and there were little hooks ALL OVER... on
cupboards and cabinets EVERYWHERE to hang a mug on each of
them. I had to arrange every mug according to size and
colours and everything had to be PERFECT. Which meant I
couldn't break anything.
As I was putting them away another couple
girls came down my isle crying and pushing a shopping cart
with glass tupperwear in the baby seat part. When I asked
them what was wrong they told me the tupperwear wouldn't
tell them their names to be put away on the proper
shelves. (kay... this part was weird!) So I stood in front
of the tupperwear and said "Now boys... this is enough
foolin' around. Who are you?" But they didn't say
anything. (DUH, it's tupperwear you idiot!) Then I got
mad... So I started yelling them and threatening to drop
them (they're glass remember?) After causing a scene, we
all got kicked out of Walmart... with NO PAY!!! And my
brother was PISSED!
When we got to the courthouse, me and someone
else weren't walking fast enough to keep up with everyone
else, and we were talking too loud so once again, my
brother got mad. This time... he FREAKED! So he told me
and my friend we had to go to a different courtroom than
him and everyone else. So me and my friend went looking
for one, and we found an interrigation room, with couches
all around the walls in the room and a hot tub in the
middle, and a HUGE guy waiting to be questioned about a
So my friend and I were like "Alright sweet,
hot tub, couches and a guy! Lets go!" Soo.... we did. When
we got in the room we could see that the walls were all
glass and there were people on the other side of it
watching us, maybe for our protection I guess? When we
went in and sat down the huge guy just stared at us, and
wouldn't talk to us. Then he stood up and came over and
sat between me and my friend (almost feels like a sex
scene coming on eh?) So he sat there... and still didn't
talk to us. Then he leaned over and started strangeling my
friend! And I didn't know what to do so I started punching
him in the back of the head until he let her go. Then he
turned around and tried to drown me in the hot tub so my
friend hit him in the face with a shiny red chrome pole,
and he kinda passed out.
Then when I kinda gathered myself I looked up at
all the people watching through the glass and they just
stood there. (yeah protection my ass!!!) I signaled for
them to get help or SOMETHING, but they didn't do a damn
thing. Then the huge guy woke up and started beating me
and my friend up again. (fukkin guy) But THEN... my
brother came in and beat up the big guy! haha YAY!!
And I don't understand how but the hot
tub/interigation room turned into my brothers living room.
I was now sitting on my brothers couch again, and the hot
tub was gone. As I was sitting there I could feel
something hard under one of the couch cushions so I lifted
the cushion up to look. Stuck in the springs of the couch
were 10 really big ball berrings. Then I lifted up another
cushion and I found a little drawer, so I pulled it out to
look in it and the first thing I found was Danyell's
feather pin! And there was a whole bunch of other cool
stuff too. Some of the stuff was even mine lol. I ended up
taking a cool ring and a nacklace and the pin for Danyell.
After all that excitement I told my brother I had to
start heading home and I had to gine Danyell her pin back
(even thought it was almost midnight). But just as I was
walking out I saw the dryer... and thought "how the hell
am I gunna carry THAT home?" So then I just stood there
and started at it... thinking about it haha. Then for some
reason all my bottom front teeth started to hurt... and
then they got loose... and started to wiggle when I
touched them. So I was pretty freaked out! (I LOVE my
teeth... I think I have a teeth Fetish?) As I was leaving
I closed my jaw and one of my teeth fell out. And I swear
it really did! cuz i could taste the blood (yuck!) or at
least i thought I could. And then I had to spit out my
tooth cuz I thought I was gunna choke on it.

And then FINALLY... I woke up... what a long friggen dream!

Anyways... thats what I had to write about today. Hope you
enjoyed it... or something hahahaa. Night! -Kari

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