Glittery green glue

The white petal in the red rose
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2005-02-15 00:22:14 (UTC)

Konnichiwa! ^^


Happy Valentine's Day! ^^ ...i No. I didn't
get any chocolates or teddy bears or anything from any
guys ^^; ...i did get pretty tiny cards from friends
though! hahahaha...right, okay. Well, it's not like I
desperately want a boyfriend, even if sometimes I do wish
that I had someone to cuddle with x_x. Oh well, what the
hell, I'm 13 the world is mine to explore! ^o^ I have
enough time for everything, and besides I really don't
care for a relationship right now, I'm still in middle
school...i'll start getting frustrated if I'm 18 and still
never had a boyfriend XD. That'd be strange! ^^ . It
pisses me off when people think so much more of themselves
when they have a boyfriend or a girlfriend when they're
still so young. Yes, even I think i'm young to have a bf.
XD. (Well i'll be 14 in one month and one day XD)
Alright this is how my weekend went :

Friday: Nothing...XD.

Paul cancelled with my mom about the restaurant they were
gonna go mom was PISSED OFF! O_O. He's kind
of an asshole now that I think about it, he's still nice
tho, and WAY WAY better than that good for nothing so
called step-father that I used to have or my real dad.
after he cancelled (at like 11:00am, cause they were going
to go at 4:00pm) my mom asked me if i wanted to go walk
downtown and i said yea and then i went online for a
couple of hours. All of a sudden Kelli comes outta nowhere
to kidnap me. o_o I'm like "no...i'm gonna hang out with
my mom today" She goes "...No you're not you're coming
over" Okay so i invited her in until we got things sorted
out, at the end my mom told me to go cause it was 4:00pm
already and it was going to get dark soon. So i'm all yay!
And i rode in kelli's car listening to "Ready, Steady,
Go!" at full blast, and ranting about what happened at
school friday. When we got to her house Sandy was there.
It was weird being there with her cause she seemed so
normal and Kelsey had told me a few days ago that she had
tried to commit suicide a few weeks ago, which really,
really freaked me out cause I didn't think Sandy had that
attitude towards handelling family problems -- okay small
explanation here. Sandy has two sisters. One of her
sisters (can't remember her name x_x)is "Ms. Perfect"
she's like THE most selfless person in the world and does
everything right execpt for the fact that she marrying an
asshole. Her other sister Shawna is a trouble child that
did drugs and alhcohol all throughout high school, and now
she has some kind of brain problem ( i can't remember what
the condidtion's called so i'm just gonna explain what it
is) when her skull is too small for her brain and her
brain is sorta leaking out, and they're tried this process
to fix it with some cow tissue or something, but her body
needed to accept the cow tissue, and that didn't happen.
They've tried this like 3 times already and failed all
three. They could also graph skin from her leg instead of
using the cow tissue but they say it would be very painful
and it would leave a big scar. Both of sandy's sisters are
super skinny and pretty and all and sandy's really pretty
but she's a little over weighed, so lately she's been
getting all "self-councious" about her weight because her
sisters could eat twice as much as she normally does and
they still wouldn't gain any weight. Besides that she's
getting completely ignored because one of her sisters is
getting married and the other has the brain problem so
she's kinda all left out. -- Anyway she seemed happy
enough that day, and I'm not supose to know about the
suicide thing so I didn't say anything and instead me and
Kelli introduced Sandy to the world of FULL METAL
ALCHEMIST! ^O^ (and i saw a friken scene that adult swim
cut off YOU DAMN BASTARDS! O_O), and she really liked it!
^^. OKay so in the middle of the 2nd episode when suddenly
nikki and kelsey burst in and kidnap all 3 of us x_____x...
(wow kidnaped twice in one day XD). I was all really
confused (especially when nikki grabbed one of my legs and
dragged me around XDD) after they explained what
the plans were we went to Brunswick Zone (an arcade near
kelsey's house) there we met up with Dan, even if sandy
was apprihensive about meeting him cause i told her he was
a little "over-confident" (i still think he is! o). We
played DDR for like an hour and all of a sudden Matt
showed up XD. Nikki had called him and told him to come
over...but kelli was spazing cause 1. she doens't like
Matt and 2. Nancy was coming too and Nancy CAN'T STAND
him. But Kelli didn't have nancy's phone number in her
cellphone (which i thought was weird cause they're like
best friends XD). But it all turned out okay, Nancy showed
up with her boyfriend Alex (who's really cool) and she
wasn't having a bad time. Okay then suddenly Kelsey,
Sandy, Dan, Nikki, and Matt decide they wanna go play
laser tag... but me and kelli had no money and nancy and
alex didn't wanna go in cause they thought it was a crappy
laser tag. So it was just us 4 sitting around doing
nothing until Kelli comes up with a genius idea

Kelli: We should hide their stuff that they left in the
DDR area

So then I told Nancy and Alex and Nancy got all hyper and
really wanted to do it. But we had to be quick cause the
laser tag was only 11min long. So we stole their jackets
and nikki's pants (lmao...long story XD). and went outside
and left them in Alex's car...which by the way is DA BOMB
XDDDDD. And just as we get back through the doors we see
the rest of the crew just getting out of laser tag. Sandy
and Kelsey came at the end and we caught up with them. As
kelsey was telling me how everyone had gotten over 2000
points and she had only won 25 (XDDDDD) we get separated
and we (nancy, alex, kelli and me) were laughing our asses
off in a corner. A few moments later they come back with
the most pissed off expressions on their faces. We
actually managed to keep a straight face when they told us
that they're stuff had been stolen. Then they go to tell
the manager that someone had taken their we
stop them and tell them it was us. They were just
like "you guys are dumbasses" XD. Good thing they weren't
mad. We went to pick up their stuff and came back to get
into some of the rides the arcade had, and the guy in
charge was acutally nice enough to let us go on the Marry
go Ride (i named my poney tidus XD) and the Odyssey ( I
named my space ship Tidus XD) for free XDDDDDD. But in the
way we lost Dan and Sandy and Kelsey went looking for them
so we lost her too. So me and Kelli came up with the
theory that Dan and Sandy were making out in some corner
(cause it was completely obvious that Sandy liked Dan).
Sadlly we were proven wrong when we found them playing
DDR. Afterwards nothing interesting happened we said bye
to nancy and alex when they went home and we waited for
our rides.
We went to Kelli's and i beat Sin's wings in FF-X! yay!
XD...kelsey was trying to sing 1000 Words to along with
the moment but i told her she was off key and then we
started laughing XD. Anyway. We waited till FMA was on. It
was a good episode ^^. Then we were tired so Sandy and I
watched Anastasia until we fell asleep XD.

Sunday: I wake up when sandy and kelli start
talking...then nikki suddenly launches herself at me XDDDD
and while she was attacking me I SWEAR I SAW A NEON GREEN
LIGHT i get all confused..and i'm like "WHAT WAS
THAT???" and they're like "What?" "TH-THAT GREEN LIGHT
NEXT TO NIKKI'S HEAD!!!" and they like start laughing and
call me crazy x_x. (Later i found out that it was Sandy's
camcorder...but it was weird cause i really think the
light was green! o_o) Okay so after everyone's awake
kelsey makes english muffins for breakfast and we sit in
the living room and watch like 3 episodes of Naruto (i'm
actually starting to think it's a good show ^^)...what
happenened afterwards is not important.... x_x

okay random facts :
This program WinMX that i found is really cool ^^ i can
download tons of song that i like. Omg i found this
AWESOME free japanese internet radio station with all the
latest J-pop and J-rock songs in japan..but i will not say
what it is cause there's only about 200 spaces available
for listeners and i dont' want you to take mine. lol. XD.
Wheee i'm about to finish FF-X I just need to beat Sin and
Yu-yevon and i'm DONE! O_O that way i can start with FF-X2

oki-dokey i think that's all for today XD. loong loong
enty. lol.


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