My So Called Life
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2005-02-14 21:54:41 (UTC)

Life Stinks

In the entry before this one, I made a comment that
something happened that messed up my life (again..) but
didn't say what it was but I promised to tell in a later
entry. This is that entry. When I was writing that entry,
I had just found out (from my mom) that my dad was
thinking about divorcing her and was gonna go on a a trip
a week from that Friday (which is now this Friday) and was
going to make the decision when he came back. He promised
he wouldn't do anything until he got back from the trip.
Well, he lied to us last night. He packed his bags and
moved out of the house last night and is now currently
living with my grandma on his side. I don't understand WHY
this is happening, all I know is it IS happening and it
sucks big time.

I've gone through some pretty hard times in my life, but
THIS is, by FAR, the WORST thing I have encountered in my
lifetime. I really hope that my dad doesn't go through
with the divorce, but I can't stop him. I can't tell him
not to and make him listen to me. I just have to sit in
the boat and ride it out to the end, wherever it may lead.
I just have to be patient, I guess, and see what my dad
decides. I don't know what else to say, so I'll write
later. Until then.


PS: If anyone is reading this and has gone through with
it, please leave me a comment and tell me some things I
can do to help me cope with this. Thanks again.

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