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2005-02-14 21:25:48 (UTC)


Okay so my school had a two-hour delay today *FREAKIN
SWEET* I didnt get to sleep until 9:00 though because
Ethan called me at 8:30 an woke me up to talk to
me...HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!My hockey game last night....we
lost *some beach* I had fun at Red Lobster an spending
time with Ethan...School today was........blah.It went
some what fast yet some what slow. Lunch was
interesting..I ate two lunches because im a big eater lol!

*Im currently listening to Natalie-Goin Crazy an Omarian-O

and the movie I am currently watching is The Notebook..if
I could rate that movie id give it all the numbers
possible!!!!Its the most amazing movie EVER.

Id rate the movie The Grudge a 2 because that movie wasnt
even scary....booooooooo

I didn't get a damn thing for Valentines Day from my
boyfriend because he's a broke bastard! lol*just joking*
But from my rents & family for my birthday which was
yesterday *the 13th* I got a purse that looks like a butt
*its the bomb* I also got a new hockey stick a mouth guard
hockey socks an ill be getting a pair of indoor shoes and
i got a new pair of 20 bucks. I am also racing
go-cart so that counts as my birthday present as
well...thats over 3000 bucks...*woohoo*

gotta go now....PEACE OUT!

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