Autum's Leaves
2005-02-14 21:10:55 (UTC)

Must game....

Well, finshed FFX. Did I tell you that already? I still
cried, a lot. And my characters are so powerful, I don't
even know what to do with them.

Playing R-Type Final, really don't know why though.

Actually hung out with my ex, yesterday. It was fun. We
got along great, and then "yadda yadda" went on (sorry,
not delving the details out) and we had a weird ending,
but that's because I'm a weird kid. But, things aren't
bad, especially compared to how bad they could be.
Basically, I was just blown away that we actually got
along well, and it was great.

Anywho, V-day was...*shrugs* I really couldn't care less
to tell you the truth. All the guys I like have now turned
to the guys I liked, and I'm just waiting till college,
since no relationship would have a chance with that shit
going on. Yes, I did look cute today, at least I thought
so. I'll look even cuter tomorrow because I won't care if
I look cute or not (it's always that way).

My drama class is going wonderful. I have this absolutly
ADORABLE kid in my class, found out he was a Christian
today (Why! There's something wrong with everyone I swear)
and me being the atheist I am, just had to pick on him
about it. There's some difficulty with the lines, but it's
that way everywhere. I have the musical monologue coming up
(I'm doing one from Bye Bye Birdie), the ITS play(Ugh) and
having to do the directing thing.

Tomorrow, I have to go get my scholarship forms, oh goodie.

Anyways, before I stress myself out even more, I'm going
to shut up. Have a fabulous evening!