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2005-02-14 19:28:34 (UTC)

"And I'm feeling good..."

Well, I am feeling good, considering it's Valentine's day
and all. Today was actually kind of fun. But first, let me
think if anything else cool has happened...

Well I closed with Philip on Friday night, it was the
first time that I worked with him since he locked me in
the store two weeks ago. I didn't even see him that much
on Friday night, since I was working in bedding and he is
the manager of housewares. But it was actually kind of
touching, because the first thing he said to me when we
were alone was "I won't lock you in tonight, I promise."
It was cute because he said it in the most serious and
sincere tone that I think he has ever spoken to me with,
so I knew he really meant it and he really felt badly
about it. But of course, the rest of night he steadfastly
denied that he gave me permission to bring it up whenever
he teased me, but I feel kind of bad for him because no
one at the store will leave him alone about it. He told me
that every time he closes people say to him "oh wait
where's anna..." so he's never going to live that down.
But I have to admit, it was amusing.

So on Saturday I didn't have to work, and I basically just
around all day. I watched some Shogun with my dad, but
that was about it. Then I had to get up at 7 on SUnday
morning to go to church for 3 hours... And I had to cantor
at the 9:15 mass. But it was cool, because everyone was
telling me I did a really good job, and it was funny
because all the cool guys like Andy and Bob Dresch and the
trumpet guys were all fooling around the whole time, they
are just like little boys. And then I got a hug and a kiss
from Mr. Ritter (who incidentally, I found out I should be
calling Doctor Ritter) who is my favorite person ever, and
we talked about how we hadn't seen each other since
Christmas, and how that is sad. So the rest of Sunday I
spent reading a 400 page romance novel instead of doing
any homework, I just did all my homework after dinner.
Thankfully I didn't have that much.

So, today is Valentine's day. And I have to work tonight.
But it shouldn't be too bad, I mean who goes to Linens N
Things on Valentine's day? And who knows, maybe cool
people will be working and it will be a blast. But anyway,
today at school wasn't too bad... I brought cupcakes in
for psych, and kelly brought brownies, and pam brought
cups and drinks, so we had a mini-party, with lots of
sugar. Then we had a quiz in math, but it wasn't that bad,
and after that we didn't really do anything at all. Then,
of course, was the big Shakespeare party. It was our
birthday party day, so we had cookies and brownies and
drinks again, and naturally everyone was hyper. But also,
we decorated our sonnets that we had to write to someone
else in the class, so it was like a theraputic 45 minutes
of reverting back to elementary school. But then when we
were all about to exchange sonnets, mrs. d'alessio
informed us that we had to read them aloud to the class.
ugh. some people let the people who their sonnets were
about read the sonnnets before we did this, but matt
wouldn't read it, he said he wanted "to hear my sweet
voice read it" to him. oh, joy. So I had to read it front
of the whole class, but it wasn't so bad because a lot of
people had sonnets that were worse than mine. Some people
had really funny ones, and some were really sappy, but
mine was just somewhere in the middle. But anyway, he
chuckled when I read it, which is all that matters, and
then when I gave it to him after I read it, he called
me "my lady" and gave me a big hug in front of everyone in
the class, so it was cute. i heart him.

Oh, and I also bought Pam a rose at lunch. For Valentine's
day. Because I am just that kind of friend.

So now I must go get ready for work. Because I'm working
on Valentine's Day. Because really, it is Singles
Awareness Day.