Joronas Temnra

2005-02-14 15:57:32 (UTC)


Strange.. spent a long long time without writing anything.
I'm not sure why.. just never found that I could. And now I
can, although all I'm talking about is how I wasn't. I wish
I understood it.

Actually.. I don't think I do. I'm caught up in things I
don't understand, and I don't even think I'm trying to. I
think I'm just letting them sweep me away, and doing my best
not to be dashed on the rocks.

So far, rocks 2, me 1. Not doing too badly for someone
caught up in things that words don't explain well. The only
way the words seem to come out is the first paragraph of
something I started writing.. oh.. 4, maybe 5 or 6 years
ago? Lets see if I can find it, or if it got wiped..

Wow. It's in the list of 'salvaged files' from the computer
switch 2 years ago.

"Have you ever seen two trees grown together? Woven together
as though they were braided strings? Those trees are twins,
in a sense. They began together, and grew together, wrapping
themselves up in each other. Some call them lovers, and, I
suppose they are. They are stronger then most other trees.
No winter storm will break them, snow piled high does not
crush them. Winds will not cause them to snap. They are
stronger then any other tree, and they are two. And
sometimes, when you cut one down, the other dies with it."

Haven't seen it in a long time. Haven't even thought about
it in a long time. Only got a page or so into writing it,
and lost it. Not the words, but the story itself. I'm good
for that.. There's only been three that I haven't lost
eventually.. Someday I hope I'll find a few of them again.