Lala's Log
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2005-02-14 14:58:53 (UTC)

A very long week...

Sorry its been so long and so much has happened. Okay to
start I found a girl online and where going to start
dating which is cool. The long distance thing is hard but
if Olga and Abby can do it so can I! Anyways she bought me
flowers and a present so I get them when I get back from
chicago. Why am I in Chicago you ask because I'm a dumb
dumb little girl. Rearranged my whole life so I could have
the most boring weekend of my life. We where talking about
moving here but there is no way. Everything cost way to
much and the apartments I can get a house for what these
idiots are paying on apartments. I can't wait to be back
in Indy. I never thought I would say that but boy do I
miss it. I miss my dog my cats my friends even my annoying
family. This is not a mistake I'm making twice. It feels
good to have a crush I love the butterflies and the
costant feeling of sunshine all around. I've been talking
to her crazy like. I'm not usually like that but we just
go back and forth for hours on end. I had a one night
stand while I was here. Oh! It was nice. I got her to cum
twice by giving her oral no fingers which is a first for
me. Her pussy was perfect it was like my mouth was made
for it...oh it was to nice. She was all "Damn baby...a
women who knows what she's doing." I was on cloud nine. So
I decided til I can sleep with Shane (online girl) than
I'm not going to with anyone end the slutting around on a
good note. I'm so tired and todays my mom's birthday so I
got to call her!! Can't forget she would be mad. Okay back
to bed I go....

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