My TwIsTeD tHoUgHtS
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2005-02-14 13:11:50 (UTC)

*WeIrD lOoK oN mY fAcE*

Okay, my computer is screwed up right now. Do I care? Not
really! I don't get on much anymore anyhow, plus I got moms
computer right here I can use. Fast and better! I don't
think we're going to be going to Tunica this weekend. Am I
sad? Not really! Surprising! I was going to take $400 with
me to go so if we don't go then that's money I won't be
blowing on gambling. Other than that it would be cool to go
but to be honest if we don't it wouldn't break my heart. I
think I might buy a new computer or something. Not sure how
I'm going to be spending it, but I'm DEF going to see Sarah
on the 25th. There's no way I'm missing that. I can't wait
to see her and Heather and Spots. OMG! It's going to be
fun. This last weekend? Wow....Friday night I went out with
Jenna, Trent and Casey. We were all tore up! LoL Funny part
was when we went to the Hickory house to eat breakfast, we
left Jenna's ass in the car because she was passed out so I
went in with Casey and Trent and we had a bunch of drunk
gay guys messing with us. One of the dudes knew me because
I use to date one of his room mates. Juan...ugh YuCk!
Sooooooo 4 years ago. Major rebound after me and Jamie
broke up. The boy wasn't even Mexican by the way. But that
was fun. Drunk faggots. To me there is a difference between
gays and faggots and they were DEF fags! Saturday I woke up
and got all dressed and drove by myself allllllll the way
to Paris to see my Jerry! LoL I met up with him at Wally
and I left my truck over at the TLE department so they
could fix my tire. So I rode with Jer to his house and the
moment I mean the MOMENT we pull in his drive way Cynt
calls my cell phone and was telling me how they probably
won't be going to Tunica. So, they some how talked us into
driving back to Dyersburg that night to go out. LoL I
stayed in Paris about 2 hours total this weekend after
driving up there! But so, we did our lil thing (hehe) and
Jerry got ready and we went back to Dyersburg and from
there we went to Aztar again, but we stayed in the bar and
watched the drunk old people dance like off dirty dancing.
I think between the 4 of us we drank about 6 pitchers of
beer. That doesn't count the shit we drank on the way
there! LoL Let's just say the guys were laughing at us on
the way out while they watched me and Cynt walked down
those damn steps to the parking lot holding on to each
other and covering up in MY jacket together to keep from
getting wet because of the rain. Cynt was screaming "WHY
just had to be there. Then we went to the club and then to
the Waffle house of course and then me and Jerry passed out
up stairs in the kids room (they weren't there!) LoL tried
to have sex but we both agreed we were waaaaaaay too
hammered for that. THEN we woke up early that morning and
went down stairs because we were going to leave, but I got
on the reclyner and Jerry got on the couch lol and 6 hours
later we finally WAKE UP again and then we left to go back
to Paris to get my truck so I could drive BACK home and go
to work. Yuck! Work sucked lastnight because of it. But hey
I did get SOME booty this weekend. The best part was when I
first got to his house that day. OMG! I didn't know it was
THAT gorgeous over there where he lived. It's like in the
woods literally and RIGHT across from his place is a lil
lake. It felt like being at one of those log cabins that
we've stayed at time and time again. Just so peaceful! I
don't see why he would want to leave over there. LoL Cell
phone service sucks out there and no central heat and air.
But...being over there made me feel so comfortable. I
honestly left there yesterday with a new look on things
about me and him. Even though I only stayed at his house
with him for a couple of hours, being there made all the
reasons why I wouldn't move there seem not important. (Did
that make any sense?) The only reason why I haven't picked
up and moved off there was mainly because of work. I love
my job now and I won't have a good job like that if I
leave, seeing that I have no other experiences with
anything else and plus I'm only 22. But...I love him more
than my job. I don't know, I guess I will just let it ride.
You know what I mean? Let things happen the way they are
suppose to happen. What's meant to be will come about.
Plus, I feel I have some unfinished business elsewhere. I
have to take care of it and make sure everything is 100% ok
before I close that chapter in that book! What I'm about to
do now though is...sLeEp!!!! sO, i'LL HoLLa! PeAcE!!!!