Secrets come out?
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2005-02-14 12:22:07 (UTC)

out for the day ... night w/e!

Well hell .... guess i couldn't sleep last night after a
thirteen hour shift just cuz i was meant to do this ...
maybe meant to send someone a message because now i feel
like i can get off and finally go to bed... i am supposed
to go to the throat specialist today... to see when i have
my tonsils out... GOD it will be terrible waking up....
so ... what else is there you ask???? lol.... well for
one .. i have to have my first surgery... my tonsils...
then there's the new found sleep apnea... could die in my
sleep at any moment they say... and now they say it is
possible that i could have a spot of lung cancer in my
lungs.. that's what i get i suppose... smoking for over
eight years... the doctor from St. Jude's says it is very
rare that teenagers develope lung cancer before the age of
21 but hey ... i have gone against the grain ever since i
was born... i will not be surprised at all if i find out it
is cancer... i just don't wanna go through the chemo or
radiation... i don't wanna lose my hair either... Mom has
been better today ... then again i was at work all day ...
my eldest sister says things will get better with her but
probably not till i get out of the house... hell i might as
well be on my own already ... i pay half the bills buy
groceries and stuff for the house... and i have lost both
sets of my car keys... i swear i would lose my ass if it
wasn't attached... oh well time to see if i can sleep now..
Talk to y'all later... If you wanna say somethin then hit
me up ... you know which button to push .. RIGHT??????

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