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2005-02-14 02:05:22 (UTC)


I don't know why I'm always sad and so I write just one
more time because you're my only friend that I care about
because you're always nice and never mean I like how you
are nice to everyone you meet no matter what they look
like or who they are I can't believe you even like me as a
friend I don't know why you're a good friend and you always
have a place in my heart I like who you are and who you'll
become but no matter what if you need someone to talk to
I'm always here so if you need to tell someone a secret
I'll be right here if you need to cry I'll be right here
and one more thing I'll always care through sleet through
rain through hail if the world was ending I wish I could be
there just one more time to see you because you're the
person I want to be with no matter what as a friend even
though you're always nice and even though you're always
there just keep one thing in mind I'll always be there no
matter what I like how everytime I log online you always
there to talk and even though you're so far away you're
still my friend and always will be and how you listen so
well you'll never know how I feel even though your my only
friend I'll always care for you and if it was a life or
death situation I'll talk no matter what if you wanted me
there I'll be there I'll even walk there because you
listened and it shows how much you care i can't believe
you're still there which is a good thing and if I was there
you would show me all the neat stuff and tell me all your
secrets and I'll never tell and even though you're five
foot two and I'm five foot three it wouldn't matter because
you were there when I needed you the most.

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