void deck
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2005-02-14 01:38:43 (UTC)

the irony of valentine's day

I wonder why people make fuss over 14 February each year.
They say it's the day we should celebrate with loved ones.
That's a gross misconception. Let me rephrase that.
Valentine's Day is for lovers. Yes, it is.

Every year, I see attached people being so happy on
Valentine's Day while those single ones can only be green
with envy. So much bitterness sparked by being single on V-
day. The pattern repeats itself every year, without fail.

I started the day by hearing a bitter remark from Zee :
Vanessa WILL have a great Valentine's Day, she has a
valentine. I came back from breakfast and switched on my
computer. Another sarcastic Valentiner: Kresna. It's only
9.30 am in the morning and I have seen two bitterness.

For me personally, I never had a memorable V-day. Have
been single all these years. However I have a feeling my V-
day is not going to be as miserable as last year. Last
year, I was expecting too much because I was in love. Not
now. Not anymore. This I feel sure.

It's going to be a lonely V-day. Yet again.

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