2005-02-13 23:49:37 (UTC)

Early Valentine's Day

I know Valentine's Day isn't until tomorrow but John's
working a long day so we're celebrating early. Yesterday he
gave me a dozen red carnations, one of my favorite flowers,
and they're in a vase on the dining room table.

I'm going to make one of his favorite dinners tonight, pot
roast and baking powder biscuits. I made the desserts,
including cherry pie, another of his favorites, yesterday.

We went to the country house and the daffodils are budding
but none are in bloom. There were narcissus blooming,
though, and I brought a bunch of them home. There was a
flock of wild swans in the field next to the house, the
first ones I've seen this winter.

The wind is cold today and is especially noticeable at the
country house as the wind has far to go before finding
something solid. The railroad tracks are two miles away and
the train's whistle as it went by sounded mournful. The sun
was hidden behind the clouds and the skies were dark which
also made it seem cold. I asked John how many cords of
firewood there were still out behind the old blacksmith's
shop and he said none; it was all carted over to the town
house last autumn.