2005-02-13 23:45:50 (UTC)


drama. can't live with it. can't live without it. but
what i really hate is the unnecessary, annoying kind of
drama that guys and girls cause in each other's lives.
especially when they're in relationships - open, closed,
married, whatever. take my boyfriend dave for example. i
haven't had much time to talk to him lately, let alone see
him (we live over 400 miles away from each other), and i
get an unexpected but rather bizarre phone call from him
today. i can't really say we had a conversation - it was
mostly him yelling without me being able to get a word in -
but he was really angry for some reason. it was amusing
at the time, but now it's become pretty damn frustrating
being left in the dark while my boyfriend's killing
himself over something or other. even what he was yelling
wasn't something to be yelling about. i never thought i'd
ever hear someone yell "how are you?" in such an angry
voice. it wasn't noisy in the background or anything, so
i could probably have heard him if he'd whispered. i
haven't done anything, and i shouldn't even be wondering
what i might have done. when something's wrong with dave,
i shouldn't be doubting myself, thinking i'm the one at
fault. maybe he's just had a bad day and is displacing
his anger? or maybe he's using reverse psychology and
isn't exactly ready to admit something to me that he knows
will get me upset? i have no freakin' clue. then he gets
all sarcastic, telling me it's amazing i have time to
talk to him today. as if i never have time to talk to
him. what does he think i do all day? sit on my ass and
wait by my phone for him to call? i'm usually always able
to answer his calls, but i did send him a text message to
let him know i was watching a movie. anyway, doesn't he
know i have a life? believe me, when i was younger and
stupid, i used to wait around for a guy, but i'll never do
that for any guy ever again. what? does dave not think i
have a life just because i'm an unemployed undergrad while
he's in grad school studying to be a chiropractor, already
has a master's in oriental medicine, is a licensed
acupuncturist, and co-runs his father's real estate
business? that doesn't mean i don't have things to do,
too. gosh. why does it seem so hard for him to believe
i was at a movie, anyway? with my crazy ass roomie of all
people. who scared me more with his jumping than the
boogeyman actually did? trust me, i was really sad after
wasting a sickeningly large amount of money on a lame
piece of quack movie that wasn't worth missing the Charlie
Brown Valentine's special. Speaking of Valentines, I
wonder if I'll even have one tomorrow.

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