Master's bliss

Master's bliss
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2005-02-13 21:06:05 (UTC)

Ride 'em Cowboy

Dearest Master,

this slave is totally happy and satisfied after last
night. this slave spent most of the day looking after
sick children, which meant this slave did not get her
cleansing. You told me that W/we could take care of it
tonight. If W/we don't get to it, this slave totally
understands. W/we have bills to pay, work sheets to take
care of and this slave must fix dinner too. It is already
3:30 PM and there is still so much to do. this slave has
to help the children fill out valentine cards also. Even
on the weekend this slave still has so much work to do.

Last night, before joining You in Your bedroom, this slave
took the time to shower and shave her legs. this slave's
leg hair is very thick and grows extremely fast, so
shaving is required every few days. The problem is that
this slave's legs are also extremely sensitive, so her
skin can't handle more than 1 shaving per week. Sometimes
even that frequently can cause such bad razor burn that it
can take as much as 3 weeks before my skin recovers enough
to shave again. By that time the hair has grown so long
and so thick that this slave must use depilitory to remove
it. That can cause a whole new problem for this slave's
skin. All that being said, this slave thinks she may
finally have found a razor that shaves her legs close and
smooth enough to last for 4-5 days, yet doesn't cause any
irritation when this slave waits a full 7 days to shave.
That is about the best this slave can hope for, and
thankfully, You understand this. Thank You for being so
caring and understanding.

After joining You last night, this slave stripped ,
and then put on her favorite y bra and a pair of thigh
hi nylons. this slave put her hair in pony tails, and You
put the slave collar around her neck. Then W/we surfed
the internet looking at pictures of chastity belted pony
girls. this slave loves the pony look. she loves
the bits, bridles, and harnesses, as well as the corsets
that most pony s wears. Add a chastity belt and
pierced s, and this slave would be in . Add
tiny little bells to the rings and some weighted
clamps or piercings to the , and this slave would
probably cum without even being touched. L/let's face
it. this slave is definitely turned on by the pony
look and function. this slave loves the thought of being
a show pony, but also enjoys the fantasy of being a
workhorse too. Of course, there's the puppy fantasy too.
There is something that this slave find so exciting about
being treated as an animal pet for a period of time. A
time when no talking is allowed, there is no independent
thought or action allowed, and this slave-pet only exists
to serve You... her loving, gentle, yet firm and demanding
Master. Oooooh, this slave is getting herself very turned

Where was this slave?

Oh yes. After enjoying numerous pony picures, W/we
did manage to find a couple of pony stories that were
not pure fantasy. this slave enjoys more real sounding
stories that are not too far out of the realm of
possibility. this slave is not into that could
NEVER happen. this slave likes realism and reality. The
entire time W/we were surfing, enjoying and reading, You
allowed this slave to touch herself, keeping herself on
the very edge of climax. When You invited this slave into
Your bed, she spend a good amount of time just serving and
worshipping Your body before You had this slave lie down
opposite You, her facing Your face so You could watch
every movement of her fingers. You then had her lube up
her fingers and stroke her to the point of "O". You
finally asked this slave if she desired to cum and she
confirmed, without hesitation, that she did want to cum
very much. "Cum for me now" You ordered. this slave
worked her fingers fast and furiously, manipulating her
clit until the fireworks exploded between her legs and in
her mind. she shook and shivered and moaned out loud,
while her fingers continued to assault her tiny little
bud. this slave came for the first time in more than 2
weeks and when she was finally finished, she was so worn
out and so completely satisfied that she doesn't remember
anything else until she awoke this morning, rested,
satiated, and oh so happy! this slave is quite sure that
she assisted You in climaxing... she just doesn's seem to
remember. she loves You though. That she knows for sure.

Master, thank You for such a wonderful night. this slave
loves You so much much and she will always be Your loving,
loyal and devoted slave-pet,


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