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2005-02-13 20:17:40 (UTC)

1st entry

ok this is my 1st entry so bare w/ me! yesterday me and
momma and katherine went shoppin at the pierre bossier
mall...we tried on like everything in dilliards! it was so
funny! i bought 2 new outfits...one really cute poka dot
black skirt (the poka dots r purple and pink and yellow and
blue...its really cute) and a 3/4 sleeve purple-ish color
shirt with a flower on it...and i bought this really nice
suit for my dad's ceremony on the 25...(also my b-day...buy
me sumthin!!) anyhoo...its black with white stripes goin
down and has a white flower and i'm gonna wear a white cami
under it...its sooo cute! after we finally picked out what
we were gonna buy i bought some of those cinamen mints
(those r so good!) and a godiva chocolate bar and then we
got our nails painted...it was an awesome day! ok after the
whole horse incident with katherine and haley and jamie,
momma said no more friends ride jack! (at all!) and no more
friends can come on lesson day! sorry yall!
anyhoo...brittln's still in mississippi...i'm sure me &
heather r both countin down the days till she gets 2 come
back! we miss u!!! we got our match maker things back on
friday and heather was so mad b/c her's was lost! she was
also kinda mad @ me cuz i had ryan humphrey, nathan george,
brittian emmels, and hayden weaver on mine...its not my
fault! anyhoo...i'm so bored...waitin 4 it 2 be 3:00 so i
can go 2 church...oh yea...ryan came up 2 me on thursday and
asked me if i still had feelings 4 jonathan...woo
hoo...lol...i was like...he's a great friend...so i hope he
wasnt plannin on askin me 2 the military ball or nuthin! oh
well...i'm gonna sign off now! luv me always!!!

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